Kyla Bridge x Senior Producer

I always knew I wanted to make things.


Throughout my 7 or so years as a producer I’ve made everything from million-dollar, global productions all around Asia, right down to low-budget, user-generated social content.

I’ve helped an international beer partner with a wildlife-protection charity and a Parisian fashion brand. I’ve kicked balls with David Beckham for health insurance. I’ve cracked eggs with grandmothers for the world’s biggest food brand. I’ve followed Influencers to different continents for the world’s leading credit lender.


I’ve also been part of far-smaller projects. The normal day to days. Social content, stills, even product launches and event activations.

When any project gets the green light, I can make it work. In time. On budget. With the utmost attention to detail and the best possible final product.


Craft is at the centrepoint of what I do. I love collaborating with creative types, understanding and respecting the needs of any client and I work bloody hard to get things done.


I’m passionate about this industry, I love it. And I’m hungry as ever to learn even more about it.

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